Oct 18, 19 report

Fished my usual nearshore spots and a couple new ones off Otter Island the past two days looking for Bull Reds, who were off doing other things. Boats are starting to line up, but it didn’t seem anyone else was catching them either.

Still, we had a lot of fun, with 100+ fish caught each day; plenty of Whiting, large Croakers, Grunts and BSBs with a few Bluefish and Weakfish to keep things interesting. We also caught Blacknose and a Bonnethead. Marked a couple of productive spots for next time.

Made a quick trip to the 40 to see if Mr. Redfish was schooling there yet, but all we found was a massive shark that took 250 yards of braid before bending my hook and getting away.

Nearshore water temp was 67, and at the 40 it was 69.

Grateful to be able to spend time in this wonderful place.

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