October 8 Report: Fall Fishing

Fished my usual spots (and a few new ones) off the South Edisto coastline on a mild early Fall day. Water temp was 73 degrees. Departed 1.5 hours before dead low.

Hopes were high for a Bull Red onslaught, and after only 30 minutes we put the first one in the boat: a 40 inch torpedo that is the biggest one this Fall season. We spent the rest of the day hoping for more, but alas, they were off doing other things.

Still, we did manage a respectable haul, and a good inventory of what is presently near shore in this beautiful part of the world:

1 Redfish (40”)

2 Bonnetheads

25 BSBs (biggest 12 ½)

20 Whiting (many 13”+)

20 Croakers

7 Grunts

1 Oyster Toad (gotta represent)

2 Weakfish

1 Bluefish (early arrival)

5 Stingrays (3 giants, 4 ft+)

Surprisingly there was very little Sunday boat traffic, even for Edisto.

Back at it ASAP.

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Great report, my kind of picture too. The vintage broomstick and that penn reel made my day, is that a baha or a senator?

Good stuff sir, thanks for the report

I dig that rod. I have one like it, but it doesn’t go on the boat!

Great report and stud red!

use it or lost it, 23