Offshore Friday 6/16

Looking for advice on the waves and weather for offshore this Friday. Still learning how to read the forecast and wanted to reach out for some more experienced advice. The way I am reading reef cast i they are calling for 3-4 waves with a 16+ swell. Is this right? Any advice would be appreciated will be fishing a Key West 239 with a 300 yamaha.

I fish a 23 key west blue water with twin 150 Honda 4 stroke. I usually look for 2.5 @ 7 sec or better More than that makes for wet and bad ride. I do go out to Edisto banks trolling and usually head back in about 2:30 - 3:00. Wind will pick up in the afternoon. Check for good accurate information. Also check marine weather charleston, both are pretty good.


It depends where you are looking. I use Sail Flow and the forecast for Edisto Buoy for Friday is closer to 3’ with a 18 second interval the afternoon.

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I could be completely wrong and would like to be educated if I am but it seems a little bit like a computer glitch to call medium seas and flip almost instantly to reaalllyy long intervals and switch back quickly.

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We usually run out and see if we can go straight out of N.Edisto or go between Botany and Deveaux Bank. This is the best way I’ve found, but we usually don’t go but 15-20miles off.If ya don’t go ya don’t know!

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Seas don’t look bad, but I would be more concerned about that wind. It’s looking like 14 mph winds gusting up to 20 mph.

The fish starved half of me says I can at least do the 60, but the older/wiser half says to stay home.

I’m with island boy, the forecast for the afternoon must be a glitch. The interval doesn’t seem logical.

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3 to 4 at 16 is not a bad day. Good chance you will get out there and they will be 2 foot. Sunday is looking better and better. On Monday they were calling for 7s last I checked its down to 5s. The last time I went out they were calling for 4s at 7 and it was flat as could be. So…at that forecast I would stick my nose out for sure.

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Nothing about Sunday makes me even remotely want to poke my nose out…not sure why my screenshot won’t work, but 5-6’ at 6 seconds doesn’t sound fun at all. Throw in 12-17MPH winds with gusts of 20, and rain in the morning and I’m OUT.

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Agreed. Sunday would need to shape up a lot. My forecast for the edisto area isn’t much better. If Friday looks a little better by tonight I might be down.

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I wouldnt do it. That 16-18 second is coming from africa or something and really will not be pertinent at all to the sea state you will feel in yor boat. The wind is coming from the southwest and will overlay a chop on top of the water with a 4 second period. probably decent ride going out depending on direction you head, possibly less than pleasant on the way back depending on direction. Go and try it if you want. Myself or the forecast could always be wrong. I might check out the beach to see if that 16-18 second period throws some ridable waves over this way. Probably not, but there is always a chance with period in the water like that.

You say you are using reefcast. Use the extra wave info in the drop down box. The thin red line in the bottom chart represents the 4 second period i am talking about

Thanks for the advice…looks like we are going to give it a go.

Me too. Headed out of Edisto to 80 feet for some bottom bumping and possibly to spear a few. Might have to get a late start for a weather window. We are keeping our fingers crossed. It’s going to be windy.

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y’all have fun out there. let us know how it is. Only way to know is to go. I have an inclination that it may be too windy and bumpy for your liking despite a “16-18 second” period which could very well end up being a 4 second period for all intents and purposes.

Screw that.

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Screw that.

Yeah, the bouy looked herniated discs this AM. 3.6 @4.5. Surf cams look white cappy right now. So much for that 18 second period.

millacd, what surf cams do you use?

If I’m posting, its because I’m sitting here at work, dreaming about fishing.

Iop cam on the surf club website usually works well. Occasionally folly surf chex cam too

nice, thanks. thats one of the only ones ive found that work doesnt block. definitely looks choppy out there

If I’m posting, its because I’m sitting here at work, dreaming about fishing.

We took the boat out for a ride but didn’t head out. The forecast only got worse over night. The end of the river had some stuff about 6 foot. It was still better than sitting at home.

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