Pier question

Has anyone fished off the rebuilt pier yet? I was thinking of taking my daughter out there by don’t want her to get skunked.

Hey @Dad1 welcome!

Which pier are you referring to?

The only fishing I’ve never been skunked at is bottom fishing nearshore or offshore!

Sorry I was asking about the Folly Beach pier. I have never been skunked their in the past but I was wondering if the reconstruction affected the fishing?

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While I haven’t fished the Folly Pier in years, I think the bite should be decent. We do pretty good at the IOP Pier this time of year, but haven’t been yet.

What could be more fun than spending the day with your Daughter, and teaching her about fishing? Even if you do get skunked.


If you only get a skate or stingray, that means you didn’t get skunked! Looks like Monday will be the best day over this holiday weekend weather wise.

She likes to go to the Mt. Pleasant pier but all she catches there are pin fish. I thought she would enjoy catching some whiting.

We called pinfish chauffeurs/ choffers (?sp) when Dad was stationed at Tyndall AFB. Dad would scale and score them then fry whole like a brim. I always thought they were pretty good, but I’m usually the one that eats fish others won’t. They also make decent sashimi. Probably best for Grouper bait though.

Let us know if you go and how you did!!!

The Folly pier will be fine fishing, but it can get crowded. You shouldn’t get skunked though.

If you want more of an adventure, go down to the old coast guard station at the very end, walk to the end, and fish there. Plenty of Big reds, whiting, blues, and sharks. You can catch trout at times too. Dead shrimp on carolina rig past the breakers or near any rocks you see. Depending on current, you might need a 2 oz pyramid at times.

Ladyfish and Spanish can be caught down there in the heat of the summer. If you see them busting the surface, Gotcha plugs are a killer lure for them.