Is anybody catching pompano in the Sullivan’s Island surf? The wife and I were thinking of making a day trip from the midlands. While she sits in the lawn chair reading beneath her umbrella, I was thinking of casting into the surf. Are the prospects favorable? I guess if the pomps aren’t there the whiting will be?

A little bit of everything being caught lately. Reds, trout, whiting, pompano, sharks, black drum. Fresh shrimp on either double or single drop rigs in small pieces will catch most anything. Early morning tends to be better because the beach gets crowded during the day this time of year. Come on down and have fun ! :smiley:

Jack Taylor

As Jack said, everything is biting now in the surf. To try and target Pompano is tough, also a right time-right place kinda deal. But you could try specific baits, Mole crabs(if you can find them), Fidlers, Ghost crabs, Blue crab pieces will weed out some species, not all. Some of my largest Whiting were caught with Mole crabs. And of course using crab baits only can make for a slow catching day. So…fresh shrimp,small hooks, on the bottom will be your most productive presentation. For me from about the end of June thru September 100% Shrimp for bait. My larger set ups have been cleaned and stored until October.

Thank you both for your advice.