Preseason deer

Let’s see what you’re seeing !

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I would say . Dinner

Lightly battered, fried, & smothered in gravy.

Time to start the tactacam subscription back up and get a few dozen batteries

Here we go again

Just got my tags in the mail today. I don’t know why they have to wait so long to send them.

you taken any coyotes since you’ve been out there?

Only by trapping Fred. It might be time to start again.

Are any of them getting invited home for dinner?.
Or are they pets

Best of luck in getting him, be nice on the wall if you’re in to that.

Katie’s out of last year’s venison, so she’s after me to go hunting more! And if I could prove which deer stomped my watermelons, I’d have me a “hit list!” Trust me!

This one went down this morning, not by me.

One of my buddies down by the bomb plant was out of venison too, evidently a big snake got away, but without pics…

Me, I just dont hate them that much this time of year

Anyway, thats the first deer ive heard of napping on a sand road this season

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Good looking velvet buck there. Always wanted a nice one mounted in velvet. I killed an 8pt years ago in full velvet that was beautiful, but ran through the woods crashing in to trees ripping a bunch of it off. Still have that mount, but would have been much cooler furry.

EF, you pulled the trigger on the Thermal? Why you posting this in deer hunting? You doing some night slaughter? Not that I have a problem with that, but I didn’t figure you for that person.

I doubt Mrs. EF would allow that.

nothing illegal about preseason night scouting as far as I know.

plus, you can use that one during the day. It’s not as good as a leupold but what the hey.

you might say its an all around preseason item, just a little something nice I do for myself for toiling in the soil.

with the grass I see in your garden, you might need to do a bit more toiling. … Just messing with ya. Actually I could give a rip less about the legality of scouting . Mr. Deer is more of a nocturnal animal, I’m still a strong supporter of courteous Dog Hunting.

Ricky, I know you hate it, but I’d love to bring you on a well managed dog hunt. If I ever get the opportunity I will extend an invite. … Where you are at, I can only imagine your frustration, I know that club and some of the dingle berries that are on it.


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Whadda think? 140 class maybe?