Pretty cool vid on supplemental feeding deer

Got one On Time spinner new in box, as well as one in service. Gonna take back one in box back and get a couple gravity feeders.


There are youtube videos of making your own gravity feeders if you’re interested.

Feeders are nice, but for our size land, you want to look at doing some food plots. You have the equipment to do it and it’s not too late to plant something for them this year. Peas and beans will still sprout if you plant them now. Even think about planting your trails if you don’t have enough open land to plant.

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Hmmm, I wonder if deer coming into your yard at night and eating all your flowers is “supplemental” feeding?

On the gravity feeders… don’t go with suspended Unless you have them mounted to a winch of some sort. Keep it easy for yourself to refill them. Like 23 said many videos on making some. I’ve got a couple that I used closet shelve 90* brackets to mount a 10" piece of pvc pipe to a 2x2 piece of marine plywood, then just used a simple hinge to mount another piece of plywood as a lid. Cut 4 triangles at the bottom before mounting to base board. Been using it for 30 years.

Still waiting on disc harrow to arrive. I have some small areas cleared in a few spots for food plots, and wide enough roads to plant as well. Will be making those plots much larger.

Need to do more spaying, getting the proper mix dialed in. Will be getting the mulcher back out there in the next few weeks. Waiting on where the power line will need to come in. Wanna get him to do what they request, and make a day of it.

Picked up a Concord 6’ drag harrow from Tractor Supply recently. What a beast. Pull it one direction for aggressive, other way for more subtle, like covering seed. Heavy duty.

On the feeders, adding protein is a good idea, even if feeding neighbors deer, and have food plots that will be enlarged. Also brings them into range for camera pics. Trying to keep coons from stealing so much of the feed as well.

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Iron clay cow peas can’t be beat

I have cow peas in the ground now. Deer are tearing them up.

Not much you can do on the coons unless you start to trap. Getting rid of them also promotes the turkeys.

What kind of spraying are you doing

Spraying the roads and clearings that were mulched.


Killing weeds and brush?

That’s correct, used some of the Gordons brush killer from tractor supply.
Did the 4oz per gallon thingy with mixed results. Been told by some to go stronger.
Timing perhaps not the best with the heat.
Work in progress.


I was going to suggest 1 or two cups of diesel fuel per 4 gallons of poison.

The fuel wont kill much, but the oil base in there helps the poison stick to the weeds during times of dew and light rain. Its not very enviromentally helpful, but neither is the spray.

They call the diesel a surficant I think, its mo bedda

Yeah not sure that’s a good thing to do MUST follow labeling directions get a crop oil surfactant if label allows. But oil base will heat up the action

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I have used Ranger at 5-6 oz per gal and some off road diesel in the mix with good results.

I know thats not the recommended method.

He’s talking about gly.

NN, the best way to use that stuff is after a cut and when its dry. Excess moisture on plants/grass will reduce the amount that you’ll kill and kill effectively. Ideally you want to have at least 3-4 days without rain.

Wear a good respirator; that stuff is known to be very bad when inhaled.

Not using glysophate. Main ingredient is Triclopyr BEE 8.4%, and 2,4-D 16% in this stuff.

Broadleaf and woody stuff. Says spray when active between 60 and 85 degrees.

I did buy a good respirator as well.

Thanks for the replies. May try the diesel additive…


I wouldn’t kill anything because goats eat everything.haha I have fertilized weeds and deer will come to it.

I wish they would eat raccoons, lol.

I only have like 3 pics of bobcats, but the last one must be a Tom. Huge, IMO.

I have purchased several traps, along with those handcuff type for the coons. Season in Ga opens Dec 1 for furbearers. BS as only Yotes and Beaver open all year.

Live trap has worked for some…


I know in SC you can request a depredation permit for yotes year round. Bobcats are a bycatch when foothold trapping, just saying.