Professional sports are disgusting

The Deshaun Watson situation…

Why are we allowing these animals to continue to excel at the top level and getting rewarded with giant sums of money when they have no basic human decency?

Being a man means you take accountability for your actions. Watson is garbage and a liar.

Fast forward to 6:50 if you want to throw up in your mouth. Money, its all about money. The NFL is clear that you can act like an animal and there’s little penalty to pay for it. Meanwhile all these women get abused and have to live with it. Two dozen women on record; there’s no telling how many he actually abused.

the ladies need to learn the effectiveness of a chop to the throat, and it sure would help if they called the police immediately when it happened

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I quit watching pro sports about 5 years or so ago and have never missed it. No interest in over-paid thugs and woke politics in my sports.

Sadly, I have a bad feeling about the direction college sports is heading.

I have never had any interest in professional sports. Most of these guys are a bunch of punk ass thugs. They couldn’t throw a football or bounce a basketball they’d probably be on the street selling crack.

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I may watch a little pro football if/ when Dallas makes it back to the Superbowl. I’m with all you guys, mostly a bunch of Premadonna’s. I’ve switched over to Nature and History shows.

Yeah they lost me at the kappernut kneeling

Been watching Alone II and I think it’s on the history channel from hulu, really like the guy from NC and pulling for him to win it

Terminal list on Amazon Prime was a binge watcher.

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Never watched another NBA game after that animal went into the stands to fight the fan. Never bothered with NFL that much other than preseason to get my football fix before college football season started.

My fear now is that college football is quickly on its way to being ruined by all this money flying around. Guess ill have to go start watching high school again to find some purity. Even then…

NFL designee Peter C. Harvey was set to rule on the case after the league appealed Watson’s initial six-game suspension, but the two sides were able to come to…

Now you have that idiot Jalen Rose saying Mt. Rushmore is offensive. So tired of these over-paid thugs and their woke crap.