Put out some Duck Boxes Today

Put out 3, so 2 more to go…

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I always wondered where people stored their ducks.

Nice, cedar?

Lol, yes sir.

Not sure where I got the energy to do this by myself. The downhill part, not so bad. That fence post driver is heavy, lol. My arms look like I was in a catfight. Those thorny vines suck!

Hope this works for the ducks…A gallon bag of cedar shavings in each box.


Inside of box

I’m sure the ducks will appreciate it.

I’m sure stump knows where this one is .haha

Oh Shitt, hope my guards works…I will put cameras on some to see first of year.


The worst enemies of baby ducks are turtles and bass when they leave the nest, and Chicken snakes while they are in it. I’d look into the steel cone like sman posted. DNR used to have some fantastic programs for wood ducks and tons of info. Wonder if Georgia helps on it??

Nice stuff DoubleN!!!

Looks like you have a beaver!

Dim dag burnt yotes is getting bad

Hey Fred, Did you notice the snake in Sman’s pic, lol?

What I used is called a PVC Wobbling Baffle. Found it while searching for ways to prevent those coons, snakes, etc. If I have to, UGH, I will add additional protection above the baffle. Actually thinking of smearing some Red & Tacky on everything from the water up…easy enough.

Also, SC will give you up to 3 duck boxes if you apply. Ga, nope, as I called them. Pretty sure no bass in here big enough to be an issue. But turtles, have yet to figure that one out…but most likely.

Pretty excited, and will move some cameras around 1st of year to see what’s up.

Thank fella’s,

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No, I did not see the snake!! Guess those things don’t keep em out too well!

Woodies leaving their nest, from a “birds eye” view…

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Cool stuff from around our world!

Thanks Mixed. That was a great video! I love to see those baby woodies! I can’t tell you how many boxes of shot shells have only gone in the air to just fall in the water because of woodies. I saw a guy at a fire wood yard buying up hollow logs to make wood duck boxes.

That’s a cool vid for sure. Thanks, and hoping for some success with this…


Me too…lol!

I do pretty good jump shooting them on the river, on the rise, pass shooting, on the way to roost, not so much!

Thank you for your time, energy, and effort, to keep the Woodies some good nesting habitat!!

I do better on the morning shoot than the evening. If you find a roost pond get there before daylight

Roost Pond? We have 90 acres, just off of Saluda River, up here.

You can, literally, set up a Dove stool on top of a Beaver dam, and shoot a box, or two, of shells in around five minutes, on the evening roost path.

Believe me, I’m not much of a problem to the Woody population…

As much as I love hunting them.

Thanks, MN, I have hunted a lot, but never for ducks…alot to learn, but have someone to provide guidance with that. Along with talking to several folks.