Putin's game

Had some good food, drink and conversation last night… Putin came up. What if he did what he did to expose how corrupt Biden is with the Victor Bout exchange? What if the whole Ukraine thing is to bring light, to those willing to see it, to the money laundering scheme going on there? We get to see very little on what is really going on. If Putin really wanted Ukraine He could have taken it by now. Zelenski goes on a Vogue Photo shoot while his country is at war? We have 10 biological labs in Ukraine. Hunter and Biden both have monetary ties to Ukraine. The news fails to tell us all that Zelenski recruited a regiment of True Nazis to fight Russia and Made Putin look like a fool for even mentioning Nazi’s in Ukraine. So many questions that the general population will never know the real answers to. Or if we do find out about corruption, nothing will probably be done.

Just rambling people! Waiting for the common reply to most all discussions from narrow minded souls… It’s Trumps fault bla bla bla LOL…

Yep he made Swalwell sleep with a chyna honey pot
He made Feinstein hire a chyna driver
He made the Clintons sell secrets and uranium to chyna
He made McConnell rich from marrying a chynawoman
He made Hunter rich from chyna businesses
He made Apple rich from using chyna slaves
He made the NBA rich from chyna backing

He’s the problem


More faults

I can barely comprehend having One Billion dollars. 2.1 trillion and no account for where it went. Some common sense should tell anyone that is past a big lie. No way that kind of money " disappears.

Where is the proof of Nazis fighting for Ukraine?

Glad you asked that… The Media likes to say Neo-Nazi as this is what most post WWII Nazi’s are now called.

You won’t find a lot on it now, as it has been greatly censored out of the WWW, but in the starting stages of this Ukrainian war thing, there was lots about the Nazi’s. Joe said Putin lied about the Nazi’s in Ukraine, but it was not a lie. That he started the war because of them probably was.


Fred knows stuff

Video appears to show Ukrainian soldiers shooting Russian prisoner of war

I found this on Freespoke, a new search engine that doesn’t censor viewpoints and respects privacy. Check it out: Freespoke.com

FIB loves AZOV Nazis

Hey Fred ask @Bolbie when he’s going to post up Trump changing the constitution like he told us before he ran off and hid from harmless me


I’m looking but can’t find it. A group of Ukrainian Nazi soldiers opened fire on a Ukrainian citizens that refused to move after they ordered them to. This happened in the first couple of months.

Ukraine is as corrupt as they come. What leader has his citizens being killed during war and skips out for a Vogue Photo Shot. Want proof of that?

Typical, no credible evidence, just random crap in your noggin

I supplied you answers

You caved bolbe

When you going to come clean on Trump changing the constitution?

You can’t hide from me boi :rooster:

Bolbie likes the name Boi. That’s what pedophiles call their little boy friends

What do you call yours?

I’m not a Dem. I’m straight as they get

Look it up bruh, you clearly have nothing to do, and all day to do it.

Same time frame as when he had dinner with the white nationalist

And Ye West, talking about going Death Con on Jews, let IQ45 run for President, The Lincoln Project will have a ball

Well if that is true tell us why that’s all you talk about.

Do you think about it 24/7

Just tell everyone how many times this week you have posted about it? That shouldn’t be to hard for you.

I talk about it because it’s a national embarrassment to have a presidential administration that supports perverts. Do you agree with this or are you ok with all Biden’s pervs