Anybody seen this on Netflix? It’s really good and give you a perspective of what these guys go through day to day in the NFL. It follows Mariota at the falcons, Mahomes, and cousins with Vikings. Kind of got me into wanting to watch other NFL other than my Panthers.

I haven’t seen the documentary you’re referring too, but, admittedly, the only NFL Quarterback I watch anymore, is Lawrence, with the Jag’s.

Thanks, I’ll have to check it out!

Because of his hair?


You got it!

And, between NFL Sundays, I have his Subway Commercial downloaded to my cell phone, just in case…


We enjoyed it at our house. T Law turned down the invite like he should have, he’s just not there yet. There was an article on it I saw the other day. All in all, a pretty good watch.

Nah, lost interest in anything NFL related years ago.