Quickest Way to Tie the FG Knot

(The Strongest Braid to Leader Fishing Knot)

In preparation for an upcoming trip to the Florida Keys I have been working through a significant amount of my tackle getting things prepped Including re-lining some of my reels with fresh braid and subsequently tying on some new fluorocarbon leaders. Over the years I have used multiple different knots to join the main braid line to the fluorocarbon leader including the Albright and uni. When I was discussing a trip with a friend of mine that just returned from a one week stay in Big Pine he informed me that he’s been using the FG knot with great success for his leaders. I found this instructional video on YouTube and was able to learn the knot after watching this video only one time. This is definitely going to be my go to moving forward: I like the fact and it’s very easy, quick to do in the field, and passes through the guides extremely smoothly. The only alteration I make from the video is I am putting a small dab of super glue on the tag end just to keep it from fraying. Check it out…


Tight lines,

Captain Tim Pickett
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