Reading The Beach (New Video)

I’ve posted videos like this here before. Apparently he has a “new” video I hadn’t seen yet so I thought I would post it. His videos are very informative and I would encourage you to watch all of them if you haven’t already, particularly the beach fishermen.

This video actually shows a tool that is good for all inshore guys to look at.

Nice observation and a great tool. I didn’t know of that one. I use to use nautical view on mapquestserver and go to different dates and you could catch one at low tide and see the bars and cut. Thanks

J Ford

Mr. White I’ve checked out all the videos over the last year that you have posted from Trent and I will have to say, they have taught me a chit load. I wanted to say thank you for sharing all of them and I particularly enjoyed the sand bar one. I believe that where you are fishing is one of the most important aspects of the game. The videos simply, and clearly, help to identify exactly that, where to set up on the beach. Anyone who wants to learn more about surf fishing, should definitely view them all, several times. I’ve used this knowledge first hand and it has helped me tremendously, and for that I am grateful. Thank you Sir:wink: