Requiem Fishing - Super slow day of Fishing

We spent 12 hours fishing today and it was pretty uneventful except for these three sharks, all of which were 81". (odd)

First up Dan gets a small run and line goes slack. At the same time Richard and I see a dorsal and tail slapping around some bait in the water. Since its been a slow day I quickly hop in the kayak to go check out this fish closer. While paddling around Richard tells me its a tiger but now its way closer to shore again. I see another one about the same size busting the bait out further and catch a quick glimpse in the water of her.

I start to paddle in and see Dan is actually hooked up, so I charge the line to see if I could see the shark while he reels it in. Too late already being leadered. The woman bystander who sees me paddling directly at the thrashing shark must have thought I am just insane. I quickly exit the kayak and throw it up on the sand and run to the shark to help measure and dehook.

Dan with his 2nd Tiger shark, again not huge, but the big one was missed the other day already :frowning:

Not much goes on for a long while again, and as the tide changes we have a double header with Richard and myself and they both turn out to be 81" male sandbars. They looked a lot bigger than the ones we have been catching.

Too bad we were spread way down the beach as the double header occurred, a two shark picture would have been a great photo op.

pics not showing up.

fixed now

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nice ones!

I must have a nice camera

pretty cool pics. I take it you paddle the line out with the kayak?

Tuff e Nuff
24 Albemarle Express

Yes we do. Depending on the spot anywhere from 50-500 yards

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