Requiem Fishing - The Beginning of the End

Hello everyone,

It is time for our weekly report! It seems we have been having decent success the past few weeks. We have had someone fishing (and catching) every weekend for a month I believe.

Anyways the first part of this report is from Friday night which I couldn’t make it for. Dan and Richard had an awesome night so I had Dan do some work and write a report so I didn’t just put up their pictures and say, “Here look at these.”

/Begin Dan:

After watching the weather and radar all day I prayed that the storms would miss us. Richard and I headed to a spot that we hadn’t yet fished this summer. I arrived first and the first thing I see on the beach is a group of locals struggling with a ray, trying to get their hook free. “Score ? fresh bait!”

I scooped up the bait and set up the 8500 with a chunk of horse mullet. Then I watched the clouds roll in while waiting for Richard to arrive.

The I waited. I waited some more, and then still waited some more. Convinced that Richard had played a cruel jest and left me to the angry storm cells, he finally arrived with the kayak. The ray made 3-4 nice baits and we got everything yakked out and settled in for the night. The tide was going out and the water was like glass, and darkness set in. Within 20 minutes so the Makaira goes off and I miss the run.

I got my bait back with a nice chunk out of it and take it back out on my first venture into the dark ever on the kayak. Shortly after my makaira went off again and I land a 62? fine tooth. (#74)

After couple more missed runs from the Makaira I?m yakked out a bait again and heard Richard yelling that he had a fish on so I dropped short and paddled back as fast as I could. He had a nice fish on his 30w and it was actually pulling some drag. 82? Sandb

Good job guys. I recognize the spot. Been fishing that stretch for about 16 years. My youngest daughter landed not 1 , but 4 Sandbars at that access in one evening about 3 years ago from 5.5 ’ to a 7’ that was about 150-175 #. Out of all the big and medium sharks we’ve landed there, those were the only browns to date. Enjoyed reading your reports.


While the rest of us were shark fishing, a couple teammates got some decent redfish in the 40"+ range, also confirming it is the beginning of the end of our season here in the Carolinas.

Willing to bet that is Pelican Beach on Seabrook. That's the tip of Edisto on the left and Privateer Point down the beach on the right.

Hi stanjwarren, my name is Robert Del Smith. I’m 16 and live in Tennessee, but my family has been traveling down to Isle of Palms and fishing on the pier and surrounding surf. Last year we caught LOTS of bull reds, and we are coming down this Saturday (Oct. 4) and staying for 16 days. I have been following your posts and would like to see if you thought the big sharks might still be there for our trip? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Stan looks like you finally got a fan club, when you going international?

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