Rigging ballyhoo w/ rubberbands

I took out some really good customers on a charter last weekend and the were rigging ballyhoo with rubberbands, does anybody know where i could watch a video or talk to somebody to learn how to do that?

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Its the exact same concept as using a bait spring. But when you rig your lures dont add a bait spring. Instead, use a small rubberband and wrap it several times around the steel beak pin which is sticking through the ballyhoos lower jaw and coming out of his forehead. I used to get little rubberbands from my dentist, although larger sizes would be fine it would just take more wraps. Check wal-mart or wal-greens where the womens hair products are.

i saw a video somewhere on youtube of a guy showing you how to rig with rubber bands. i will try and look for it. but like Last Chance said, its the same idea as springs…just a bit cheaper. never tried it though

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you can use any old rubber band. I prefer larger ones (normal sized) to the smaller ones. Available at most tackle shops. Or get the fiddynine cent pack at the grocery store with all different sizes and colors- you can match the color of the band to the s-witch color

buy the latex free black ones from the tackle shop the wont turne to goo in the heat like the “fiddynine cent” ones…9.99 and i think there is 1000 in a bag

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Pro tip: Go into Sally’s beauty supply and get the small black rubber bands used for hair braids. They are about the size of dental rubber bands. You would wrap it around the pin twice and it’s pretty snug. I shat you not… When I rig with rubber bands, these are typically what I use…

skinnee speaks the truth.

I agree w/ tha Bubber Bands too. Much faster esp when the bite is off the hook!!!

Get those rigs back in quick, here’s another!

thanks for the info, going to hopefully try this weekend or next week.


One more quick question, do you attach them to the leader or just wrap them around the ballyhoo and the wire sticking through the upper lip of the ballyhoo?


just wrap them around

Scuccis are the best.

It is a preference. I use to use rubber bands but switched back to the copper wire. I have big hands and just found the rubber bands to be annoying after a while. Plus, every time you put a new bait on you have to grab a rubber band v. the copper wire stays on the rig.

jtm, I second that. I have used everything from bait springs to rubber bands (even tried those goofy neon “clip-ons” that came out a few years ago), and always end up going back to copper wire. May take a few extra seconds but the bait is going to stay exactly how you rig it.

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I just didn’t see any advantage to using rubber bands over copper. There is enough going on offshore and trying to dig your hand into your pocket or bag and pull out a tiny rubber band and then wrap it around a slippery bill - no thanks. I’ll take my copper wire.

Just keep a few rubber bands on your wrist. Don’t have to dig in pockets and always know where they are.

Rubberbands on all my seawitch rigs
Copperwire for the splitbill swimmers
I also use copperwire on my wire leader wahoo baits it helps keep the big chin wieght in place

Originally posted by TrebbleTrouble

Just keep a few rubber bands on your wrist. Don’t have to dig in pockets and always know where they are.

That is assuming that you are using the big rubber bands which most, including myself, do not care for. As I said before, either works fine - just comes down to preference.

Throw a double handfull on the deck from the helm first thing in the morning. By fishing time, there will be a rubberband within reach no matter where you are in the cockpit.




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Went out last Sunday . One of the guys that fishes with me brought some of his own rigs. He fishes a bag of rubber bands out of his bag. What the heck are those for , we left the downriggers at home. He says they are for securing the 'hoo to the rig. No copper wire? Nope. Worked well and is easy to do, but I still prefer old school copper wire. When we got home i had broken rubber bands all over the cockpit. More to clean.