Rigs for Big Reds and 4+ Foot Sharks??

I have been throwing a rig that entails a swivel with a heavy mono leader about 3’ long and 4/0 - 6/0 hook. At the swivel i run 6" of line and tie a pyramid sinker on. I really struggle with this rig getting tangled and the pyramid twisting around the leader the hook is on. I typically fish the beach at Seabrook and the current is ripping there most of the time. I have seen the double rigs you buy in a store but didn’t think that they would work that well for large reds and sharks.

Any suggestions on rigs? What are your favorites? Anyone use floats on rigs?

I typically only throw what I can catch in the cast net. Mullet live and chunked and menhaden when I can find them. I also use the occasional Blue Crab.

The double drop steel rigs catch the largest reds you can on them and also have caught 4ft sharks on them. The trick is to use a mono topshot

I also use the wire drop rigs when fishing cut bait because the toothy creatures ARE gonna bite.

To avoid gut hooking large Redfish, use a 2 foot 50 lb leader with a fixed weight 6” to 9” above a non offset 7/0 or larger circle hook.

A clip down rig works well and keeps everything from getting tangled. I also us a pulley rig and have just recently purchased some new sinkers with clips already attached to clip the hook down. but my main rig for shark is now an “up-down” rig. It’s only about 4 foot total casting length but gives me a total of 12 feet of rig. Made from #150 mono, 6" of solid steel haywire twisted onto a 16/0 Owner tournament circle that I ground the barb off of and ground the point straighter. Casts very well but haven’t had any takers.

I use my homemade version of this rig for big reds, but not necessarily for sharks.


Jack Taylor