Rolling and Tipping

There is no doubt that I suffer from seasonal depression. When the days get short I find myself in a rut not really wanting to do anything whatsoever. To combat the depression and to keep my summertime free to play I bust my tail all winter trying to knock out all of my major projects. Weather it is remodeling something on the house, knocking out big honey does, or preventative maintenance and upgrades to the boat; these are my ways of staying active and keeping my mind in full production mode. Currently I am simultaneously working on a renovation to our carport that includes some new siding and I am upgrading a few items on my boats “t” top including a color scheme change. Because I am changing some of my color scheme I am changing the color of the boot-stripe. Since my old boot–stripe was painted on I lightly sanded it with some 220-grit, taped it off with some 3-M Fine line tape and then rolled it and tipped it with some Interlux Bright-Side one part polyurethane. I was discussing the process with a couple of my neighbors over a New Year’s Eve dinner last week and both admitted that they were not familiar with rolling and tipping. If you have a small paint job that you desire a spray finish on but simply don’t have access to or don’t wont to fool with spraying I highly recommend this method. The attached video details using the method specifically for a boot-stripe; but, the same technique is used for larger areas and other applications. Just a couple of quick notes:

  1. I highly recommend the fine line tape for crisp lines without bleed through. It is expensive but worth the extra cost. It is only available through marine stores and automotive paint suppliers.

  2. Make sure your roller cover is compatible with the paint you plan to use and purchase the shortest nap roller available 1/8” is ideal. I use 2-part epoxy paint for a lot of my marine related projects. Your “hardware store” rollers will fall apart with this type of paint.

  3. A high quality brush makes a huge difference when tipping. C