RV Parking Edisto

We have a 30’ Class C Motorhome. It is impossible to get into the State park unless with a 6 month ahead reservation. Does anybody have a driveway $$$ that we could park in?

It’s against town ordinance to park and sleep overnight in a RV in the Town of Edisto. You might try finding asomeone to let you park on the ISLAND (Charleston county) and drive to Edisto Beach for the day.

thank you

I my be able to help with a place for your RV

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I my be able to help with a place for your RV

We are heading to Edisto State Park Wed. We will be there till Thursday the 16th. Send me text and I will call you to talk about it.
Joe and Mary
(803) 300- 8180

Any luck?
SC does allow camping at public boat ramps for no more than 3 nights in a 90 day period. Or something like that. Probably could park at the boat ramp behind the Live Oak Campground. We have stayed at the Beach campground before. We booked 8 months in advance.

Yes we have stayed at Steamboat landing before, but it is closed due to them fixing the road.
Where is live oak campground.
We looked at one property, it had overhanging trees.