Salt Life is the BEST Life

honestly, days like this i don’t even care if i catch fish. My buddy and I went medal detecting and fish spot hunting. what a day in Charleston. I love the salt water. I believe it has soul healing properties! I know Blake Shelton says Georgiais God’s country, but I think he messed up and meant to say Charleston is!


(Almost) EVERYONE with a salt life sticker/decal on their vehicle. - YouTube

hahahha. that’s hilarious i haven’t seen that one.
“I eat salt on my food”

“And have high cholesterol and blood pressure because of all the salt”… :rofl:

Hey, wait a minute, what happened to this one you had going last month… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Is that a flounder or a Hog chocker? No doubt. I took the boat to the combahee this afternoon, what a stress relief. One little cat fish but mostly just cruised the river. Water temp 74. Saw a bunch of gators on the bank later as the tide dropped.


I know man. I guess the salt water has re-fueled me for now!! Traffic wasnt bad today though, I guess most people had today off.

Glad you had a great day! Just funnin ya a bit… Better oversalt your dinner to make it a complete day… SALT LIFE!!! :grinning:

Man, you got that right. Just being on the water is mental health therapy. When I used to keep my boat in Charleston, there were several times I came down, put the boat in the water and found a small creek to anchor in then laid on the deck and took a nap. It revived me. I love to fish but catching a fish is a bonus. Funny, fresh water doesn’t have the same effect on me.

nasal spray is made from saltwater, so is eye drops, and swimming in saltwater heals all skin conditions, plus is very refreshing.

Good medicine indeed!

How about drink a couple of gallons of it, and let’s know how it goes…