SC Saltwater Stamp Collection For Sale

I was cleaning up around the house today and found 7 framed SC salwater stamps signed by the artists. I purchased these each year from Wildlife Collectables in Charleston. The dates are from 92/93 - 98/99. If you are not familiar with these stamps they were issued each year and were required for fishing in saltwater in the state. The first year was a Red Fish, then King Mackerel, Spotted Trout, Sailfish, Tarpon, Blue Marlin and then Cobia. I did not get the last couple of years for some reason. Frames are approx 8.75 X 8.25.
I thought I would offer them here first and then try elsewhere in the forums.
I would like to get $350.00 for the 7 of them. I will be glad to send photos. Let me know at if you are interested.


Just trying to learn every bit I can about saltwater fishing…

Posting on a message board all the time doesn’t make you smart. Frankly, it just means you probably need to get a life.

Will try to do so tomorrow. Usually have glare problems with framed items.

I have spent most of my life fishing.
The rest has been wasted.