SCDNR - Saltwater Game Fish Records for SC

SCDNR - Saltwater Game Fish Records for SC.

Offshore reports…

New record. Sorry, posting from phone.

Thats a beast

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Yes Sir! It is!

I’ve fished deep water and caught lots of snowy but never one that big. Congrats!

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It only counts if it’s on conventional tackle right?

If it were electric reels, would the record still count?

That’s a stud for sure.

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I hope it counts because snowys start around 300 to 400’.

My understanding of the new SC law allowing possession of red snapper in “state waters” is that state waters extend 3 miles offshore. So why is SC keeping snowy grouper records? Just for fun? There are no snowy grouper within three miles of the coast. Red snapper either. Somebody, please tell me I’ve got that wrong about the state waters.

Check the Offshore Reports.

A few ARS were caught, along the three mile line, just a few weeks ago.

Almost forgot.

Welcome aboard!

Also, if you land a record fish in Federal Waters, it still counts as a State Record, when you’re fishing from said State.

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You mean like, wink wink, “Sure we caught inside of three miles.”

Why don’t you head out to Charleston Nearshore Reef, and give it a shot?

If you have a decent plotter, the three mile line will be clearly marked.

I’ll be looking forward to your report!


There are legal juvie ARS within the 3 mile line

Records still exist for fish that are no longer legal, they just won’t be broken

Thanks for the info Mr. Nuts. I read a post in which you discussed being caught in a thunderstorm on a Sunday in May 2022. Pretty sure I was caught in the same storm about 20 miles out. The weather service had just canceled the sever storm warning. But they were talking about for the coastal areas. I thought my motors were going to drown and shut off. It was coming down. mostly sideways.

That storm was a doozy, my 59th birthday. Wasn’t sure, for a while, if I was going to see another one!

Be sure to keep us posted on your adventures!

Good luck!

We fish Offshore from Charleston, as often as we can afford it, anymore.

Let me know if you want to buddy boat, with us sometime?

I got gas money!!!

I’ll keep you posted on our next trip!