SeaPro 180CC Console Project - Switch Panel Question

I have taken the advice of this forum and used Hydro- Craf in Goose Creek to replace the fuel lines, hose barb, filler hose and cap, pressure test the tank and glass it all back into place. They did an excellent job. Now, they are repairing the console (filling holes, new gel coat, etc.).

I have a Garmin106sv chart plotter/fish finder ready to install when the work is complete. I had to pull the original SeaPro switch panel off. It was shot and unusable. Now, I have to replace it. I will need a switch for the stern and bow lights, a bilge pump switch, live well, a horn switch, an auxiliary switch, and that’s it, I guess.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a supplier of switch panels? Online, I have seen individual toggle switches, and multi switch panels with toggle and push-button switches. I would like them pre-labeled, if possible.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I had my guy take a boat there for a quote today, Carl does great work

When @23sailfish comes along, he will have info for you, sorry that’s all I got on consoles and switches

They used to have a nice variety of console panels.

I used them for my Pathfinder. Professional work and great staff, and local.

They can prewire it fully or just build the panel for you. You can do as much or as little work as you want.

As far as switches/buttons go, there’s a bunch more options today than there was just a few years ago. Your imagination and budget are the only limitations!

It’s worth your time to carry the boat to North Chuck and let them look at it to offer suggestions and take measurements. It takes the guesswork out.

The pictures don’t show up for me anymore…


You will not regret it. You can pick-up yourself since you’re local and save shipping and check out their shop if you want to as well.

Great advice from everyone, as usual. The console will be finished in a couple of weeks (or less). I’ll report back when I can. More questions to come, I’m sure.

Carl did my 28" seafox before i sold it and he done an awesome job. Charleston Marine does my electronics. Not sure if the do a complete board.