Sept 10: brown choppy water at Tarpon Bank

Left the Marina at 1 pm on a pleasant Sunday to head to Tarpon Bank in search of its elusive namesake. Forecast was for 1X15, but that proved unreliable. As we made the turn out of the creek towards Pine Island we noticed the water was muddy brown with a fair bit of chop.

We bumped along past Pine to Otter, and set up at Tarpon Bank, moving around to several spots over the course of an hour. Whiting were biting, and we put several nice sized ones in the cooler. We also brought a three foot Bonnethead to the boat, as well as a Stingray the size of a manhole cover.

But nothing was interested in the live bait we floated off the back. Having enough of being tossed around we headed to the green channel markers and set up near the Breakers and continued to bring in Whiting. Total for the day was 20, all good size, with 15 twelve inches or more. The baby Sharpnose show was on, and we brought in 6 two footers in the span of thirty minutes until they cleared out.

Another beautiful Edisto end of summer day on the water.


At least you got out there. My wife would have been happy with the whiting.

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