Setting up a new Surf rig help

I am trying to set up the correct rig for surf fishing success. I have a couple of 8 foot rods but looking at a 12 foot to match with my new Shimano? Baitrunner OC Spinning Reels 6000 reel.

I am looking at a 12 Foot Ugly Stik. Will this combo work for Sharks and fish on the surf well?

I might would go with a 10’ rod instead. I have a 12’ Ugly Stik and I like it but for the sharks I’d prefer to have a stiffer rod. I use a 9ft for sharks now and I like having the ability to horse them in a little more than I would with my 12 Ugly Stik.

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that 12ft is probably a bit big for the baitrunner 6000 but i am not sure how that reel compares to other 6000s??? arent they a bit bigger??? anyway i have a star stellar light surf that i really like. held a mojo surf at TWs in Nags Head over the weekend and it sure felt nice!!! you can usually get away with a shorter rod here as there isnt as much wave action to drag the line if its not up high. all that being said the uglys are tough and a good value for a bait chunking rig.

I may return the 6000 for the 8000. I am also wanting to fish for whatever I can catch. .m that is why I am leaning towards the 12 foot

I picked up a 12’ Star from Haddrell’s a few days ago ( 180 bucks or so ) - and paired it with a Penn 8500. Had a 4 oz sputnik and a half whiting head the size of a soft ball on there, and launched it really nice.
I also have a 9 or 10 ( forget ) ugly stick that I use as well - which is great for the price.
I was iffy on a 12’ as I didn’t know how it would be to cast, but that’s my dedicated shark rig now.

All I know is l… Want to catch fish

All I know is l… Want to catch fish

So… I was wrong. … I have the 8000d. Think I was thinking about what I almost bought. Now… to pair it up

It depends on your price point. Bass pro ocean masters are hard to beat for the quality of rod for the money ($130-170). Penn torque is another good one in the $100-120 range. Ticas and Tsunamis are good too in that range. What’s the heaviest weight you will need to throw?

Not sure what I will throw. Looked at Penn but I like the durability of the ugly stik.

I’ve used 10 and 12 ft surf rods in the past but I use all 7 ft ugly stik tiger rods now. They are great rods and I’ve had no problem keeping the line out of the waves. My bait runners are paired with the 7 ft ugly stops and they’re great.