Sharing my Sebastian, FL trip report

Gave the shark fishing a break and took a trip down to Florida with Garrett. Between the two of us in 3 days we landed about 25 peacock bass, 3-4 Spanish mackerel, 2 nice snook both caught on the Daiwa Certate 2500 - what an amazing reel by the way - the last snook put a gotcha treble in Garrett’s finger - ouch, 7 bull reds on poppers - 2 of which were a double header! Garrett landed 6 of the 7 redfish with his Saltiga 4500 taking a complete submerge and being none worse the wear.
Things I learned - Urban fishing for peacock bass is awesome, Daiwa Certate is the nicest small reel I’ve ever used or seen, Redfish are a blast on top water, flipping a 10# snook over the rails with a 2500 and 7’ inshore rod can be done it just takes two tries, apparently I resemble Smeagle from LOTR when I climb around on the rocks trying not to break my ankle, respect the treble hook.


How do snook fight compared to red fish.

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How do snook fight compared to red fish.

They fight very good - however the reds at Sebastian fight much harder than the reds at Folly Pier.

(Dan )

Great report Dan. Glad you and your buddy got on um.

OUCH, that hurts!!!

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Nice report - enjoyed the pics. Ouch Get a fish gripper! They always seem to wait for your thumb to get close before the shake.

J Ford

Peacock, snook, and reds, sounds boring to me. That’s a helluva trip there! Aside from the 'ol Gotcha to the finger, sounds like you had an awesome time.

big jacks fight even harder in the inlet!!! that moving water makes a big difference for sure. good times to be had down there. nice work

River cats vs lake cats are same way.