Shark Fishing on Folly Advice

I’m staying on folly for a week near 3rd street and would like to try out some shark fishing and looking for some general advice. I fish pretty regularly at the pier and am aware of the ban in the center part of the island.

I have a pair of 12’ Ugly Stik Surf rods and a Penn SSV 8500 and an Okuma Raw II 80. My plan is to go out at early evening and chuck cut mullet with a sliding swivel attached to a steel leader.

Are these reels stout enough for most sharks I’d encounter?

What size hook and size of bait should I use?

My biggest concern is landing the shark if I’m able to get him in to shore. Any advice on this?

Any other advice or things I am not thinking about?

Appreciate the help! Cheers

You have braid on those reels? If so you’re good to go
Best bait for what you’re doing is whiting, put a live one or half of a larger one on at least a 10/0 circle hook and chuck it out to water deeper than your chest. Might need a little more weight than just a regular pyramid sinker.
When you’re landing the shark pull it as shallow as you can with the rod then either put the rod in a rod holder or hand it off and go get the shark. Grab it by the tail (or loop a rope around the base of the tail) and pull it in shallow enough that it can’t swim away. Try to leave it in the water so it swims off strong.

The most important thing to remember is avoid other people as much as possible. On a crowded beach like folly you probably won’t be able to get enough room until at least 4 or 5.

PM me know when you go and I might tag along. Good luck

Mr. Cubby, your 12 ft ugly sticks and 8500 reels are plenty. You need plenty of braid 50-65lb will do. Use a steel leader for sure, and for hook I use a 10 owner circle. Chunk a half a large whiting, or a whole small. Haddrels carries frozen bloody bonito, works too. They will eat anything, except brussel sprouts. If you want to be safe and left alone, fish at night. If you catch one, having a partner to help expedite a quick release is helpful. You must have your chit together before it goes down, meaning long pliers or de hooker, and something to cut the hook if you can’t remove. Have all required stuff in one bag ready to go. Work smart, work quick, no time for running around. Advice -don’t chunk bait in crowds, don’t get bitten, dont let your shark die, he might need some time to revive before you release him. Look online and review how folks catch and release these toothy critters and revive them. Happy third of July, I got some cooking to do.:smiley: Good luck!

Funny fish guy and I posted at the same time, pretty much same advice:smiley: Sorry for the repeat, he beat me to the punch. Good luck folks.

I go shark fishing on folly sometimes in the evening but so far have not caught anything over 5ft I’ve caught a bunch of 4ftish fine tooth a few 4ftish bonet heads a 4 1/2 ft bull sharks and the a lot of the usual 3 1/2ft sharp nose. I go for bigger but haven’t Caught anything larger except once and it was at the same time a boat went by and I thought it was the boat so I tried to free my line. The boat stops my line stops peeling, the boat goes my line doesn’t, then like 30 seconds later my line takes off again. I missed it because I thought it was the boat but it had the bite marks of at least a 5fter maybe 6 or 7. The way it took off ,it was likely a large black tip or spinner or sandbar. I drop my baits from a kayak, but you will catch the 4fters with a long cast no problem. Fresh bait is best and something tough and of good size increases the chance of something bigger. Stingrays, sharp nose, bonita are common and good baits for larger fish. Cut mullet and whiting will get ate quickly by the smaller sharks and blue fish. If using a big bait get some good spider weights. If your interested in linking up one afternoon, just send me a message. I like to go in the afternoons but most of the time I have no one to go with and I hate leaving my stuff on the beach when I’m out on the yak and if you catch a large shark it takes more than one person to properly handle it.

Great minds think alike I guess

I fished just past W 3rd St Saturday night for about 2 hours. Caught a whiting and cut it in half for bait. Had a run and snapped 40lb braid on the hook set. I am about to head out the the east end to fish with the wife in about an Hour. I Will more than likely be back out at W 3rd this evening.

If you ever need advice for Shark Fishing Folly send me a PM. I have personally fished every inch of that Island and have caught everything from Tigers, Lemons, Blacktips, and Small Bulls. All my Blacktips came front beach… Tigers, Lemons and everything else has been caught fishing Deep back in the inlets. PM me with any questions.

FollyFisher1989 I just sent you a PM



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