Shark on the sand

Hit the beach around 730am left around 1pm. Just got all my rods out and 30 mins later i saw something jump out of the water then my line started screaming off my reel. I picked it up set the drag. Fish on finally wasnt letting this one go. Finessed it all the way to land about 20 mins. Caught it on the new 12ft okuma longitude and daiwa bg i just showed the other day. Not a nibble the rest of the day. This is not folly beach either i decided last second to go to different beach this morning.

Wow, awesome photo. You fish more in 2 weeks than I do in a year. Appreciate the updates.


keep posting the reports, i am new to shark fishing and am hoping to do as much as possible this summer and love the info

Evant T.

Nice fish, glad things went your way this time.

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Congrats Stevo , A REAL NICE-UN

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Fished folly this morning. 9am-2pm. Plenty of whiting 2 sharks and a 15inch sheeps head. Using shrimp and cut whiting.

Thats how to break in a new rod:smiley: Good job Stevo!

Nice shark Stevo. Those big runs in the surf are a blast. Looks like you’re getting plenty of fishing time in.

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Jack Taylor