Shark report off our coast

Here’s a report, I just saw, from Outcast Charters.

Wow that’s a biggn

I would love to see one of those in the wild. Saw a Great Hammerhead that was 12+ feet years ago way out. Pretty cool.

What opened my eyes to Great Whites off our coast was when they had Mary Lee tagged and pinging. She was 16 feet long and 3,456 pounds when tagged. I remember some of her pings near Morgan Island and also into the Charleston harbor. Caused a big stir, then those “pings” were removed. Said they were errors. I think they just didn’t want to panic people. Also there were many more of her very close to the HH beach. Our Oceans are a Wonder! Probably just chicken crap on my part, but we used to Jump in the water quit often when coming back from off shore. I don’t anymore. Our offshore scuba divers are some brave folk.

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Several years ago one the local dive shops offered a class. It was just more or less put you in the tank with your gear see how you like it.
All good with the wife. Going to take the course and get her certification. Next day we went to the general Sherman. That’s where they do their open water dive for the class.
Several other boats. Radio traffic giving warning be careful of sharks just got my chum bag ripped off the boat.
A couple minutes later a huge hammerhead popped up next to our boat.
North Myrtle Beach scuba center good people. They refunded the wife’s money.