Pulled a few sharks in last week, and I couldn’t identify them. I should have taken a picture but I didn’t. They aren’t blacktip and they aren’t sharpnose. They look a lot like a sharpnose but no spots, and have a wide upperbody like a black tip. All were between 3-4 foot. Any ideas? sorry i didn’t take any pics to help.

Wide head??? Just from the size I can’t help but wonder if they weren’t bonnetheads??

no they weren’t bonnets. Looked exactly like a black tip just w/ out the tipped fins and no white spots like the sharpnose.

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Could they be Blacknoses?

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Spinners look almost identical to black tips. The most obvious difference is that they have a black tip on the anal fin (and all others), while the black tip does not. You would think it would be the other way around, but the black tip is short a single black tip.

Based on the information at hand, and with no other data or a photo, my best guess is Finetooth or Blacknose. Either could be called a Sharpnose without spots if you were unfamiliar with them. We’ve seen both Shaprnose and Finetooth sharks on our fishing charters during the past three weeks, but have not seen Blacknose yet.

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Just looked up the finetooth, That’s the one. He had that distinct hook on his tail fin, the sharpnose seem to have more of a cutout rather than a “hook” type. They sure sounded good on the clicker on their initial run, but after hookset they didn’t offer much for a fight. Thanks ya’ll. Next time i’ll post a pic to make things a little easier.

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