Sheep's Still Inshore

Hello All, I have been lurking on the site for years trying to pick up tips. I have just recently moved to Beaufort, so I am hoping to do a lot more fishing/posting. We went out for a quick 30 min. trip late yesterday evening and found a couple real nice sheepshead. I figured it was too late in the year, but i guess not :slight_smile: 20 in. and 18 in. Had three break offs.

Thatโ€™s some good information,welcome to the party pal.Looking forward to more reports.

Welcome aboard . nice fish.
Glad to see someone posting on that area.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

Nice work! Good to see someone actually make a post in this forum. Been awful quiet around here for a while. Maybe all the Debbie downers moves on and people will start posting again.

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Any landings opened in the HH area now?