Short shaft 25-30 hp tiller outboard

Does anyone have any experiences with the new yamaha 25hp outboards. I’m looking for a new outboard 15 inch shaft in the 25hp or 30hp range. I’ve heard good things about the current Suzuki’s and ETECs also.
The etec goes up to 30hp but no power trim and tilt or electric start. Yamaha 25hp can get electric start with 15 inch shaft but no power trim and tilt. Suzuki 25hp can have it all 15 inch shaft power trim and tilt and elastic start.

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I have always been a Yamaha fan but in recent years I have kept more of an open mind on outboards because I believe all of them have pluses and all of them have some type of deamons. With that said I have a 1996 Mercury 2-stoke 30 hp short shaft that I have had on my Jon boat for over 15 years and it has been a great little motor and I would definitely consider another. I have heard great things about the Suzuki and was pretty sure you could get it with power trim and electric start. One other to think about is the Tahatsu. Buddy of mine has a 40 elecric start and power trim on a stump knocker it’s very quiet and has been flawless for at least 8-years now. I believe the Suzuki and Tahatsu are supposed to be a little less in cost.

My biggest concern with the Toshiba is it’s lack of dealer Network around here, but if the motor is running flawlessly you don’t need a service center.
Thanks for the reply Contender1

Joseph Rochester II

for years, everything under 25 hp regardless of brand was Tohatsu. Now, manufactures have changed things up a bit. Honda and Tohatsu are in bed together. Yamaha is selling their own product, depending on the model some are using Chinese manufactured power heads, much the same as Mercury. Its not as clear cut s it once was. Suzuki does maintain they make 100% of their product. They released a new 25 hp a couple years ago after puling their V twin off the market.I personally don’t think you can go wrong with any of the manufactures

Have had great success with my 25hp Yammy short shaft 4stroke since I bought it two years ago.
No problems at all.
Don’t know it that fits your definition of “new”:slight_smile:

16’ Alumacraft Mod V Hull Jon Boat
25hp Yammy 4 stroke

Thanks for the information.
Do any of you think that power trim and tilt is worthwhile in this hp range?
Normally it’s just me and my 5 year olds son in the boat a 1548 duracraft

Joseph Rochester II

If you are a strong young guy,you will be able to raise the motor by hand
My 25 weighs 170pds, it’s hard for me to raise it-but I am pretty OLD!
I was Quoted over $1k to add t&t-did not think it worth it.
Also adds more weight,something to consider in small boats like ours.

16’ Alumacraft Mod V Hull Jon Boat
25hp Yammy 4 stroke

My 25 Merc just celebrated it’s 25 th birthday and keeps on running!
All I run is non eth. gas and syn. oil and change the water pump every third year, unplug the hose and run out all the gas when I am thru using it. Don’t bait shrimp anymore and don’t use it as much as I use to, use a lawnmower battery to crank it. Wore out an alum. john boat with it now have it on a J16 skiff.

the Yamaha 25 was completely redesign 2 years ago.
its been a great little motor so far.
I believe its the lightest 4 stroke 25 on the market, not completely sure on that, but it weighs in now at 150# which is what the old 2 stroke weighed.

Looks like I got one of “old” design 25s.
20 pounds less weight! Raising that engine by hand should be easy.

16’ Alumacraft Mod V Hull Jon Boat
25hp Yammy 4 stroke

I’m not too old…43.
I use to run a High Tide with a 2stroke Yamaha 40 and the trim and tilt was great with a heavy load on the boat or to trim it out for speed. Just wondering if it’s that functional on the lower 25HP outboards.
most of the time my boat runs with a light load but every once in a while the whole family goes out. Me and the Wife and 2 small children.

Full disclosure the motor that I’m wanting to replace is a 1999 mercury 15 2-stroke. The motor still runs good but at nearly 20 years old I’m looking to upgrade.

Joseph Rochester II

Don’t overlook the 20 Yamaha 4 stroke,that’s what Kellen at Seels suggested I put on my 1548.He’s a good fella,go talk with him.Also the 20 runs just as fast as the 25 Johnson 2 stroke it replaced.

biggest difference between the 20 and 25 is fuel injection versus carburetor.
they are built on the same block

the no Battery EFI systems seem to be the way the industry is heading

Joseph Rochester II

My 16 Aluma runs full throttle 30mph light load-26mph loaded w/650pds of people and gear for beach fishing.
Motor full down position.
Chris-20 is fuel injected - 25 has a carb?
My “old” 25 is carbed-is the new design injected?

16’ Alumacraft Mod V Hull Jon Boat
25hp Yammy 4 stroke

Running a 2013 25hp yamaha on my 14’ Bentz. If the motor is run periodically (not left to sit for extended periods), it is very dependable. Mine is the simplest motor the made that year. No t/t. No electric start.

The pull start is very easy. Pump the bulb. Set the throttle to the start position and pull once or twice. It never takes more than two pulls and the pull is relative easy.

That motor pushes me with a cooler and fishing equipment in my Bentz at 28mph WOT. Cruises for ever on very little fuel at about 22-23mph.

My only wish is that is was a little lighter. Being the older mold, it is a little heavy on the transom. But, putting cooler full of stuff forward of the bench seat evens things out nicely.

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the 25 is fuel injected
20 is carbed

Got it-thanks

16’ Alumacraft Mod V Hull Jon Boat
25hp Yammy 4 stroke

thanks for all the responses from everyone…I’m surprised no one is an ETRC fan.
I guess the 2 stroke is dead.

Joseph Rochester II

I’ve got a basic 2010 25 hp Etec I bought a couple years ago to replace a 1981 25 Hp Rude. Its about 50 lbs heavier than the one it replaced. It starts on the first pull every time and sips oil & gas. A gallon of oil has lasted me over a year.

The only downsides I’ve found so far are the weight (it’s 150 lbs and you really need to man up when you go to tilt it up), the pull start takes a little effort and the number of Evinrude dealers/mechanics around here. I think all the 25 hp’s weigh about the same, so there was no getting around that and I do all my own maintenance, so that wasn’t an issue either. You do have to index the spark plugs when you change them.

I read that I was supposed to have a computer diagnostic done as part of its 300 hr service. I called a dealer to see how much they would charge if I replaced the plugs, water pump and foot oil myself and they said there was nothing left for them to do.

I’m happy with mine.