Shrimp up river

For those of you that have been doing this for a while, can you advise?
I was on the water on Monday and Tuesday this week and found some shrimp by throwing into deep holes on almost every throw. Some good throws produced a dozen or more and other only yielded 3 to 5. Not overly productive but a lot of fun for me. ( I did not have much luck last year at all )

Julia comes and dumps a lot of fresh rain water on Wednesday. I come home after work on Thursday excited about getting onto the water again and after approximately 50 throws, I caught 2 shrimp.

I am a obviously a novice. I am assuming the rain water was the difference maker but for those who know, where do I go now? Will they be back in the same spots up the river in a few days or are they moving toward the ocean now and my deep hole season is over in the up river spots?

Thank you in advance for any and all help.

I wouldn’t give up on them up river spots just yet. they will probably get shrimp back in them. but as the year moves along I have always heard the shrimp move further and further out of the creeks and sounds and start showing up off the beach and bars. This has got some pretty good information

Tried again over the weekend with a little better luck but not 1/4 of what I was doing before the rain of Julia. Maybe I have a little more time.

The big tides we have had lately are not good tides for deep hole shrimping. Go when the tides are normal stage. You either want low or high tide preferably at mid day when the sun is at its highest. Just my 2 cents

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heard nothing but awful reports yesterday…

Ditto madfire’s comments. Tide sets like this week that go from negative lows to 9+ft. highs are not when you want to be shrimping. Find some tides with positive lows and 7 something ft highs. Try deep holing those days. Keep us posted. Good luck.

Went to deep holes that last two evenings and only caught about 40 shrimp in hour.

I will keep trying. I also might try baiting if I can find some time.