Skunked Saturday

Put in at the Wimbee Creek landing at noon on Saturday and headed to a spot recommended by a friend. It was a big flat just outside an impoundment that was controlled by two trunks. Tried to get mud minnows in the grass at the boat landing and several other places but got none so fished arties all day (spoons and plastics). I did get a bunch of tiny shrimp in the minnow trap at the boat landing.

Fished the trunks and the bank between them but produced no bites. Moved down stream in another creek and found another spot with a bunch of old pilings that also produced nothing. Went further down to where the old RR bed extending to the north from the Wimbee boat landing crossed the next creek. Lots more structure but again no fish. Current was ripping with the dropping tide (about 2 1/2 hours after high). Fished a few spots with lots of eddies from underwater structure with the same results.

Certainly a frustrating day of fishing but beautiful day on the water so definitely not wasted.

Any advice would be appreciated. Would you expect to find redfish or trout that far inland this time of year?

Sounds like the folks who know what they’re doing are catching plenty right now.

That flat can be hit and miss. I usually do better in that area with warmer water. You would have done better with live bait, cut mullet, or dead shrimp. Artificials this time of year need to be fished ultra slow. You are in the right locations. Just got to move and find the fish AND what they want to eat.

Thanks for the tips smoakin.

Everytime I thought I was working my bait slow, I slowed it down more. The spot I fished at the end of the day had such a strong current with boils and eddies all over that it was hard to be sure I could get the bait on the bottom.

I always have a hard time finding mud minnows in the winter. I was using some frozen finger mullet.

Don’t feel bad. Two boats went Saturday for 6 hours. Caught one trout between the two boats and threw everything in the box. Looks like a warmup coming after this week so that’ll hopefully stir things up some.

Those deep spots are usually good the last hour of the low tide. The current slows so you can get your bait on the bottom. I put cat food in my trap and look for a creek where there is water still in it at low tide. Usually look for where there is a pipe going under the road. Put it in and 30 min or so should be plenty to fish with. Will be getting harder to find bait until the spring.