Some Things I Do When I'm Not Posting on CF Numerous Times Daily

Hobby Time.

First things First. Find yourself some green hams and clean them up good. I like 25 pounders, during the cure they will shed about 25% of their weight.

Then you build a suitable box, maple and oak work best but poplar will do. This one is on its 7th year and holds 150 pounds of hams pretty good.

Then you rub them down good with the secret sauce, place in the box, and cover with more curing stuff.

Then, just Shut the box up and wait…

Oh boi…

Seen it all now…

The Head Administer is now advertising he plays with his own meat as a hobby…

Don’t go getting bent outta shape, and start calling me salty… I’m just Hamming it up…


Interested to see the outcome. How long do they have to cure??

Post up some pics of previous cures, IYDM. Sliced pics:+1:

Thanks for posting.

inquiring minds want to know. SECRET SAUCE ???
Nobody here will tell.

I am fragile. Not like a flower. But like a bomb.

22 life’s a day

Ha, that would be a PLUS.

Do ya have to keep that in a temp controlled environment??

Trying to poke the pig, and make em squeal.


Salt Curing a Ham is a novel idea now?


The reason they lose 25%, is you have to cut off the molded areas.

They stay covered in the cure a day and a half per pound, add a day for each day the temp drops under 32 degrees. When they come out of the saltbox they get brushed off well, placed in socks hock down, then hung in my barn to go thru the “sweat” until it gets warmer in the spring and I move them into the cellar.

The metal rectangles above the hams are varmint deflectors.

Yep, just like someone processing the wildlife they harvest and posting on here or YouTube. Then turning it into Steaks, burger, jerky, sausage, and a variety of other smoked links and more.

Pretty cool, IMO.


That’s BS, or Pig ****.

RBF hack your login??


Moving right along, around the end of March or by mid April at the latest they have to be moved into a bug free environment. The old guys wrapped them in brown paper and continued the sweat in whatever cool place they had. I have an underground basement where the temp stays in the mid 50’s year round. When the larders (thats a lard beatle) come out they go in the cellar. Here is the last one from last year

After they hang and age until the following November or so you can take them down, clean them up, and give them to folks that appreciate that kind of stuff.

Its actually a lot less mold than you might imagine. The weight loss is osmosis actually.

Hey, MN, you run to Wal-Mart as I’m on the way to Edisto to snag one…

Well done!! Looks Awesome!


Have you weighted them before and after, or maybe you aren’t doing it correctly…

Since dry curing draws out moisture, it reduces ham weight by at least 18% - usually 20 to 25%


Pretty much


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Ding, ding, and we have the winner!

Much better result…


Yeah, so anyway I got lots of hobbies. I would highly recommend them.

As you were

That’s actually pretty cool and, you can set hams aside to eat throughout the year, use as gifts, etc… I’d say fishing is my hobby but haven’t done any the past year but, hoping to improve upon that in 2021. I do dabble in woodturning and stained glass and the occasional woodworking project as well as a lot of DIY stuff around the house.

Keep smoking em!

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Looking past the sarcasm, One of the best posts in a bit imo. Used to post up a few daily pics of things I do, but most seem to see it as a Brag, so I quit. Now you need to build a smoke house. Basement and Walleye? You aint living in the low country. I’ve heard some of our Up state lakes have Walleye? If that is what it is. The best eating fresh water fish In America. Used to know a little restaurant that had them every Friday night. All you could eat plus fries… $10.99.

This sight has really changed over the years. It now seems that when you post at a steady pace, others bash you for it. Wonder how much those people face book? Any way, keep the pics coming!

EF, you heard from StressRelief lately? I’d like to have a chest made.