spear gun recommendations again...

Looking at spear guns again. Just wanted some ■■■■■■■■. Also, any different preferences for diving 60’-100’ locally vs. free diving 10’-30’ in the tropics?

I love my omersub 90 cm. but I only freedive. It really depends on what your targets are.


I just picked up a 53" JBL XHD Magnum for 60’to 110’ here. I was torn between the JBL Woody Elite which is also a pretty sweet gun but I went with the XHD because it had stronger bands. For here I think you need a gun that is fairly long and has enough power or your targets.

14’ Pamlico 140 Angler w/ rudder
Switching to lead-free tackle.

Spearfishing Specialties RX-5.

Tidewater 196DC
Yamaha F115

Pungo 120

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