Spearfishing Charleston

Just moved to the area from Rhode Island, looking for some people to link up with and spearfish this summer. Would love to link up with someone with a boat that knows the area. 22 years old and down to earth. Will pitch in whatever gas money, beer, and food is required to have a good time. I’ve been spearing for a few years and just started using my Hawaiian sling. Looking forward to hearing from, well, anybody

Tucker, We have a pretty good group that gets out about every two weeks. We usually dive at about 100’ using full scuba…no freediving. I am not opposed to freediving but the vis is terrible at the shallower depths. If you are interested shoot me your contact info and I will add you to the email/text list. Also, check out South Carolina Offshore Scuba and Spearfishing on facebook.


I would like to be added to your diving list, etc…Thanks…


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Bill, thanks for your reply. 100 is a bit deep for me freediving, 75 is my max so far but hopefully will be getting better. Regardless would love to come on one of your trips. I will shoot you an email. Thanks! Any other free divers or spearfishers, feel free to hit me up. Will be around all summer!