Special Thanks to the Coast Guard

We started out this morning at the South Pen and minutes after we put our lines in one of our POB’s got in trouble. We weren’t sure if he was having a heart attack or a stroke. We made the decision to activate the EPIRB b/c we were 70 miles off shore and were afraid we may not make it back in with him. The Coast Guard arrived and rescued him with the basket. It was a scary situation because we were afraid for his life but what an awesome sight to watch them work. We want to send a HUGE thank you to the crew that came to our rescue! If you go offshore get an EPIRB before your next trip. It is your lifeline to the Coast Guard and may be the thing that saves your life.!

Glad everything turned out ok…and hats off to the coast gaurd and to ya’ll for not taking any chances…

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Dude I definitely heard yall on the radion today and I have been prayin for yall. I hope he is ok.

Three-fourths of the Earth’s surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord intended us to spend triple the amount of time fishing as taking care of the lawn.

Saw this on the News.

This is one of the reasons we have Epirbs.

Out of curiousity, how long did it take for the coast guard to get there from the time you activated the epirb? Did they make radio contact? We all have these epirbs and plbs on board and wonder if it’s gonna work when I push the button. I hope the guy is alright.

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We were 70 miles off when we hit it and they were there in about 40 min. and our main radio was not working only had a hand held. They did make radio contact but did not know how much they were receiving from us. 2 helicopters came on from Charleston and one from Savannah. It is very impressive and we were very glad to see them and we cannot thank them enough for what they do.

Bravo to the men and women at the USCG. Thanks for posting this.

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no offence but sounds like an add, glad its all worked out well. so how is the fellow, did he live? 40 min is a very fast responce time, I would say that beats all recorded responces on record.

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That’s a great response time. I’ve always wondered how long I’ll have to tread water until they get out to me when I flip the trigger on my e-pirb.

Did you use your DSC on your VHS also when you had radio trouble?This will transmit your personal MMSI# and boat’s info, including location if in a distressed situation.

By the way… What’s a POB?

Our prayers are with your friend.

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passenger on board

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40 minutes is flat out about as quick as you’ll ever see 70 miles off a beach. They probably already were in the air and had just fueled. 110knot aircraft with a wind on the tail. Relying on just activating an epirb, waiting for a hit, CG verifying, calling chopper crew, crew getting geared up and blades spinning, and getting 70 miles off the beach sounds like a 1 1/2 hour evolution at the minimum. Good job to the aircrew.

hope your passenger is fine.

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passenger on board

Keywest 2220 Suzuki 225 4 stroke
16’ homemade skiff 25 merc
You hold the tail, I’m fuc#ing this cat!

Gotcha… Thanks!

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Good for you for making the call and not chancing it. might have saved his life in doing so.
Hat’s off to the Coasties on thier timely response, very nice to know that when all else fails they are there, they saved my life once with a helio.

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I’ve never had to use the CG but seeing them flying over gives me a GOOD feeling. My hat’s off to them and I’m glad to see a positive post about them, they do a GREAT JOB. Most of the time you only hear of negitive things that are not even their fault like “blow boats trying to sail across the jetties in the middle of the night”…

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yeah i have been helped by the uscg on more than one occasion.
Before the second bush admin they would even give you a tow if needed.

I appreciate everyone’s concerns and prayers. My Dad is doing much better. Goes to show anything can happen. My Dad is 56 yrs old, and is in better shape than most 20yr olds. He is an avid runner and in great health. Sea conditions were not the best, but we wanted to try to get in an offshore trip while my parents were in town. He made an attempt to vomit, and it caused a rare reaction “Vagus Nerve stimulation”. It is a constriction of the Carotid artery which leads to what we know now as a seizer. At the time I thought he had a heart attack. We made the decision to set off the EPIRB. My dad was in and out of consciousness while we waited, and I was having trouble keeping him warm. There was a time where I wasn’t sure he would make it. The relief felt when we heard the helicopter can not be expressed. I would like to thank the Coast Guard again for the quick response. We were very blessed. God is good!

God Bless the USCG - they do a heck of a job.

Glad your dad is doing better.

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Man that is scary for sure… my dad is 67 and had a heart attack three days before a trip to the stream. he still isnt confident enough to go out, getting stronger everyday though!

Glad to hear that hes ok… God is great all the time…that was a very smart move to react quickly with the epirb

Thanks for sharing.
Glad your dad is ok.
Me salutes the USCG.

Congrats to you guys for being prepared with both the correct equipment and the know-how to use it properly. Thanks to the USCG whom I am sure will say they were just doing their job. But their job is saving lives.

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