Stolen gear

I had some gear stolen a few days ago and can use any help finding the person responsible.
Please keep your eyes open for anyone trying to sell the gear as follows.
7’ seeker black classic stand up rod with diawa sealine reel
6’ seeker black classic all roller guide stand up rod
8’ lamiglas stand up jig stick with HK in model number
9’ St. Croix triumph 2 piece surf rod with penn slammer
10’ Lamiglas 2 piece surf rod with penn sargus reel

Gear was stolen in North Charleston

Any info would help, thank you.

That blows man. If you haven’t already then make a police report and they will check pawn shops weekly. I really hope you get those back bro

How was all that stolen? Sorry to hear this.

Ouch - sucks!

(Dan )

Gear was stolen in the middle of the day from my storage closet located just outside my front door when I went inside for 10 minutes to get a drink. I have filed a police report and will try and check pawn shops. Luckily he just grabbed the easiest ones to reach so I still have gear to go fishing. But he did get some expensive pieces.

Sorry to hear it. I’ll keep my eyes out in North Charleston. I’ll check a few pawn shops for you tomorrow as well.

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Sounds like someone saw your stuff , dont happen to have any drug attics next door in need of quick cash?

killinR, I really appreciate that.

Runbabyrun, we’ve had a lot of cars being broken into at my complex here lately too. I’m sure people are looking for a quick score and I was unlucky enough to give one an opportunity as he walked by.

Where at in north charleston I know a couple cops here that would help

Coopers pointe apartments off of Greenridge Rd. One of my neighbors is a cop too but any extra help is appreciated.

I hate a f…g thief. I hope you get your gear back. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, get a decent lock & lock your storage closet. Even if you’re leaving it for a minute.

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Yea, your culprit will return if he saw anything else, move your remaining valuables ASAP. Set up a camera, put out some bait see if you catch anything.

Holy cow you aren’t that far from me. You might want to check out the Ladson Farmers Market too.

Thanks for the info. Maybe I’ll get lucky.

I checked the pawn shops on the south end of North Charleston today. No luck, Sorry. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you though.

Capt. R. Killin
“Day Tripper”
Shamrock 20 cuddy
Ford 351W

Thanks for checking. No luck on my end either.

How does someone run down the street in broad daylight with a bunch of fishing rods in your hands and no one notices? I’d look close to home, for that guy! They didn’t go far!

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x3 you should definitely be thinking local, someone probably around you saw your stuff and took it they will run out of money soon and be looking for more, like I said before any addicts near by.

Fishazard Im sorry some piece of crap wiped you out, I have some gear your welcome too, its got a little age on it but still its not that old and still good condition, Ill have to sift through it its not at my house so Ill check it out this weekend or next, I think theres a shimano spheros around 5000 size and a couple of other small reels maybe a pole, not sure about pole but your welcome to what Ive got , I promise I’ll get back to you, just need a little time, I’d be willing to meet you somewhere to give to you, the reels may need a servicing but they are yours if you want them. Just PM me if you want, once again sorry for what happened I’d be screwed if someone grabbed all my stuff, its allot to replace at once. Does anyone else have anything to help a fellow fisherman out:question: We could pull things together and get it too him.Maybe drop at a tackle shop or somewhere for him.