Suggestions for rigging gun for pelagics...

So i just starting jumping in offshore and shooting dolphin, hoos, etc… and had a few questions. Im using a JBL Explorer Lightning and it seems to work well on fish under 20 lbs. I dont have a reel on the gun and last week i had some issues when i shot some bigger dolphin. Shot some bulls about 30-40 pounds and the things about drowned me (i have to hold onto the gun, if i let go i lose everything) Ive heard about using a big float/boat bumper attached to the gun to “jaws” style retrieve the fish if you are forced to let go of the gun. Does this work or does anyone have any suggestions? Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

26’ Regulator, Twin 250s

And just to be clear, im freediving

26’ Regulator, Twin 250s

Use a float line. That way if you need to let go of your gun you can and can pull the fish plus the gun in using the line.

Use the type of fenders that have eyes at both ends min of 2, also use poly line so it floats you can dasiy chain it between the floats to keep it out of your way.

a float, 25-50’ of rope, and a carabiner to clip it to the gun

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Use a slip tip with float line and bouy. Safer and more consistent drag

With dolphin you dont really need much more than a reel. But hunting palegics I will alsmot always go with a float and floatline cuz you never know if you will run into tuna or something big. You can use bumpers and some 550 cord if you want to do it cheap. Just be careful not to get tangled. Or you can make a nice DIY float line with stuff from your local Lowes. I just moved back here but when I was out in the pacific I use my aluminum two band rob allen. Those JBL’s are heavy and more for bottom stuff on scuba. If you take me out Ill let you use one of my guns already rigged. Actually I think I need more slip tips. They are good if you dotn think you can get a good shot. But from my experience dolphin come right up to you. I shot them with a single flopper rob allen shaft.

My set up for Palegics is as follows.

I have a 65in gun I made out of red paduk wood. It can hold four bands and shoots a 5/16th dia shaft. I use a slip tip, 100ft float line and an inflatable buoy.

Hope this helps and if you need another diver Im free everyday but Im just waiting on my gear to get in from the shipping company.