Sullivans 3/13

I’ll start by saying, I won’t go fishing the day of daylight saving’s time ever again. Woke up an hour earlier than I wanted to and it was still dark when I finally hit the island.

Hit my favorite spot on Sullivan’s around 7 AM, after stopping into Haddrell’s for some muds. Set up and fished the incoming tide for about 2 hours (left around 9-9:30) before the weather got pretty bleh. Produced one undersized flounder and pulled in a few muds with just heads. It was nice to have some flounder action finally, but I wish I could stayed a bit longer, but the tide was coming in rather quickly, as well.

Making the trip for next week, pending the weather holds up. I always produce the best on the outgoing tide. So, with a little help from the weather, hopefully, I can pull in a few flounder to take home and eat.

Finally, it’s that time of the year when action starts to pick up and I can fish all my favorite ‘honey holes.’

Good luck to anyone out on the water today!