Sullivans 9/29

Got to sullys atound 8am low tide. Had a ton of fish biting caught bluefish, whiting, sea bass, toadfish. Cut one of the bluefish up and hooked in on my shark rod. I usually get runs but no hook ups they just steal the bait. So this time i zip tied the bait onto the leader. Had a shark pick it up on what i beleive is a blacktip. Wich would be my first one ever and what i have been trying to target for 2 months. I let it go but im thinking about keeping the next one to try. I had a guy tell me they were good eating buy i dont know the laws if someone could enlighten me. It was fun to catch it was jumping out of the water. Ohh and i also can add sandollar to my list of catches.

Nice catchin’!!! A keeper sized Blacktip is bigger than you think at 54" Fork Length and 60+ lbs.

Stevo’s got the juice.

Ive finnaly found a good spot on sullys thats deeper and has some sort of big object that i got snagged on twice. But now i know where not to cast so i dont get snagged. One fish ran to the structure when i hooked it. Also had a decent redfish on but was taken off by a wave. Forgot to mention there was mullet running everwhere.

54 inches dont think i would want to keep one that big.

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54 inches dont think i would want to keep one that big.

Got no choice, if you want to keep a Blacktip. Only two sharks are legal with no size limit/ one per day, Atlantic Sharpnose (have white spots), and Bonnethead. Most all others are 54" FL min. Hammerhead group is 78" FLmin. Some common catches are possession prohibited, Sandbar, Dusky, Sand Tiger and others.

Read up, know the regs.

Yea its just hard for me to id sharks they all lool the same when there smaller.