Surf fishing 9/13 Sullivan's island

Fished from 6am-130pmTurned out not to be a good day to surf fish. Had cut whiting out on 2 rods all day and not one nibble. Caught whiting in the morning then not a single one from 9am-130pm. I was out almost to m waist to cast and felt a hard hit on my left leg that almost kocked me over. I ran back to shore and was scared to get back in after that to cast lol.

Going to try again tommorow.

Probably a big Ray that bump you. Was the current pulling? We fished last Sat. before the storm, rip was awful.

The current allways seems to be pulling at sullivans. Ive only encountered a handfull of times i could keep my line straight. I use spider weights ranging from 4oz to 8oz. The current was so strong today it was pulling my 8oz down the beach.

If it was a ray im glad i didnt get stung. I allways seem to encounter sea creatures at sullivans when im in the water the week before the storm got stung by jelly fish.