Surf Fishing at Botany Bay

I might want to go surf fishing at Botany Bay on about the 10th of October. Is fishing success dependent on tides or any thing like that?

I appreciate any helpful info.


one tip comes to mind don’t wear brown with a white handkerchief coming out of your back pocket there in the fall. I’ve never fished there but it sure is a beautiful place

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I have not fished Botany Bay this year so the info I give you is from years past. I believe Botany Bay is closed to the public Tuesday of each week. They also have a lot of dove hunts during September and October and no fishing is allowed on those days. Refer to the SCDNR’s Botany Bay website for the dates when fishing is allowed. I have had good success on the south end of Botany Bay for whiting, black drum, and redfish. It’s hard to get there at dead high tide because the water comes up to the tree line at the entrance to the beach. I usually go on a falling tide when there is adequate beach to walk on and leave on the rising tide before the beach is covered with water. I catch most of my redfish on finger mullet and use fresh shrimp for the black drum and whiting. My buddy and I caught a 42" and 44" redfish last November on chunks of whiting. I catch larger whiting on little strips of mullet. I hope you have a good trip and catch lots of fish. Let me know how you did because I plan to go there sometime in November.

Thanks to both of you.


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Was out there yesterday checking it out by boat and went into little Frampton’s. Bruce Rawl, the caretaker came out and chatted with us for a while and informed us that 100-150 people fish there EVERY WEEK…the fish are gone he says.

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