Surf fishing on IOP/SI/FB

Hello all,

I’m originally from Charleston, but now live in Atlanta. I’ll be in the area visiting family in a few weeks and would like to give surf fishing a try.

Are there any restrictions on surf fishing on IOP, SI or FB in terms of area, times or proximity to swimmers?

Thanks in advance

With the beach season going into full swing, get out as early as you can (especially when the low tide is in the early AM) get a spot and fish. Around 10-11 beach goers will invade and no doubly will park up right next to you.

Yesterday I was testing a new spot. It was busy but I found a nice section of beach about 50-75 yards with no one swimming or sunbathing. Took all of 20 minutes for a dad and his two sons to come out of the beach rental and sit about 30 feet from me and boogie board within feet of my hook. Moved to breeches instead and of course caught nothing.

You just have to get a little more off the beaten path, or fish in waters dangerous to swimmers. Of course the latter is only sometimes effective. I have seen people swim, and worse let their kids swim, in some very sketchy water. The lighthouse end of Folly is usually safe especially if you get there early.

A bad day of fishing beats a good day of work anytime.

Thank you very much for the info. I definitely looking forward to having a relaxing time fishing.

If you decide to go to folly, try the west end. You can park at the County Park and walk. Once you hit the beach go right all the way to the end where the beach starts to turn. No people swimming and I have caught fish there before. Stop by Crosby’s seafood on the way and pick up some fresh shrimp, it will be on the right at the first bridge going to the beach.

Next time ask them if they heard anything about 2 sharks caught there yesterday .