Surf fishing

Could anyone give me a little info on what a good mid price reel would be for surf fishing in the charleston area? And where would be a good place to buy? This will be my first year trying surf fishing, so any help would be great. Thanks

How much do you plan on spending? because you can spend anywhere from $29.00 to $129.00. What would be the best thing to do is go to Haddrells tackle shop(843-881-3644). They will treat you right.

I like Penn spinning reels. The Penn Battle in the 5000 or 6000 size runs about $110 at Haddrells. Agree with steven - stop by Haddrells Point in Mt Pleasant - they have good reels in all price ranges and will help you pick one that fits your needs and budget.

Frank314, good to here from you again. “Surf Fishing” is very tough on reels. I have thrown away maybe 10 reels, over the years, for corrosion issues. And before you ask, were rinsed well after each use with fresh water. Anyway, I currently use Quantums pt series spinners. Either Boca or Cabo in 50-70 size. They are very smooth and clean up like new. Have a couple 2 seasons old and still very smooth. (during spring to summer on the beach 4-6 days a week). But are not mid price at 179.00 to 239.00. But after trashing 2-3 $99.00 reels they are worth it. Shimano also offers very nice “saltwater” reels. Good luck.

Thank’s for the information, I hope to get over to Haddrells next weekend. Then the only problem well be learning a few of the tricks and letting the water warm up. I am retired so hope to meet some of you on the beach this spring. Thanks