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Am getting ready to repower with 4 stroke 225 Suzukis. I haven’t heard much(if any) in the way of negative attributes with any Suzuki 4 strokes. Anyone got any first hand experience with them?Any input would be appreciated.

I like my suzuki, however their warranty doesn’t just like to fix stuff. Talk to Chris V you have to prove it’s not your fault, or a fuel issue and claims seem to take a little while.

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I have had 3 2002 and 2003 140 hp put 700 hrs on them zero problems, I have 2 2007 175’s now with 200+ hours zero problems, don’t know about warranty issues …never had to use it.I am sold on them.

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I hope ya’ll are right because from all I’ve heard I’m sold on them too. Just want to make sure the cost justifies the performance and reliability.

what medic said.

Love mine. No problems.

Junk…popped one engine after 1000 hours…never again

no comment


i got a buddy who has dogged his for over 6000 hours and it still runs strong.
it’s like everything else. there are always a few bad apples in every type of motor.

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I love my 150…

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I dont have one but have read about others havbing problems,corrosion issues, warranty issues on other sites, I have heard it more than once, I wouldnt buy one.

My 40 hp 4-stroke has well over 400 hours and hasn’t had the first problem, great on fuel and easy to do maintenance on also, wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I have owned 4 or 5 large hp Suzuki two strokes and now have a pair of great running 140 2 strokes on my boat. When they bite the dust, I will be repowering with twin 140 4 strokes. Get your advice from someone who owns them or works on them. Don’t get me wrong, there have been issues with corrosion, etc. But never on mine. Yamaha, Merc and Evinrude have all had issues on various models also.


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great motors
terrible factory support

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I own a pair of 250 4 stoke zukes. They had 450 hours when a head gasket blew on the starboard motor. The motors were a little over three years old. I took the boat to a local dealer and he said he needed permission from the third party insurance company suzuki uses once the motors were over three years old, to tear down the motor. That took one week. Once torn down and diagnosed the third party insurance company took another two weeks to say go ahead, but only offered to pay $8,500.00 on a $11,500.00 estimate. The dealer then said the earliest he could get parts from suzuki was another two months. Next time I re-power suzuki won’t be in my vocabulary.

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I own a 225 Suzuki 4 stroke. Its three years old. To date, have only had to do routine maintneance.

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if you read the comments, they are all the same
people that have them and havent needed factory support love the motors
when they needed help, its very difficult to get.
which is why I say
great motors, terrible support

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I have a friend here that owns a dealership, he has said the same thing Chris. If you have no problems you will love them but, if you need parts, etc… you will hate them.

I guess I’ll still go with the Suzukis. They are bound to be better than the 14 year old OMC 150 2 strokes that I have now (both on their 3rd set of power heads). Thanks for the input ya’ll.

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I guess I’ll still go with the Suzukis. They are bound to be better than the 14 year old OMC 150 2 strokes that I have now (both on their 3rd set of power heads). Thanks for the input ya’ll.

IS THERE A BIG price difference?

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