Tackle shops

Any of you guys know of a tackle store that knows anything about nearshore or offshore fishing in the Beaufort area? Most employees at the places I go only really inshore fish and don’t claim to know of any reports for nearshore or offshore. Or they just aren’t being too honest.

I know the feeling… I always get the (They seem to moving around, one day there the next they gone) lol.

Beaufort boat and dock supply gives good info and is a good all around bait store.

You looking for numbers or what’s biting? If numbers pick up a maps unique for live bottom and check our dnr sight for artificial reefs. If looking for what’s biting weed through the offshore reports on this sight.

“Why Bruce?”

Beaufort boat dock and supply is a total bust. If your leaving the sound they don’t have a clue. Don’t know anybody that fishes in the ocean. Or either every person that works there is lying. Which I don’t think is the case. I go there a lot. I like the store. But as far as fishing in the ocean. You can forget it. They have no clue. I’m not looking for numbers. Just a simple report.

Fred67- I’m on this board constantly. Nothing… for this area.