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Myself and my 2 boys fish from Edisto Island over Spring Break in late March. I’d like to purchase ahead of time tackle and gear. Even after the handful of times I’ve been down and fished I’m still not sure of the “best” tackle to have. Can you all give me your suggestions on the must-have tackle? For example, what style and weight for the sinkers, size of hooks, line weight, rod length, etc. Thanks everyone :smiley:

Penn Battle II 4000 or Penn Clash 4000 Spinning reels equipped with 7’ Ugly Stick Med/Lite Spinning Rod.
Spooled with 65lb Power Pro Vermillion Red Braid. You can go lighter but 65lb works for me inshore, especially if you need some back Landing a big redfish.
Yozuri Florocarbon Disapearing Pink leader 50LB/40lb/30lb. Expensive but worth it. I typically use 40lb inshore around structure.
(ABU C3 6500 Bait caster equipped with 7’ Medium action Ugly Stick casting rod
Spooled with 30lb Cajun Red Mono by Shakespeare.) if you like baitcasters, this one works for me. Again you can use smaller line but if you are fishing around structure the thicker mono helps pulling the hook loose and not losing your entire rig.
All leaders Tipped with Gamakatsu red or eagle claw bronze offset point hooks. 2/0 or 3/0. I typically use 1oz or 2oz egg lead depending on current.

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Being on the water is a blessing, catching fish is a bonus!

I’m assuming you’ve got access to a boat while on the island to get up in the creeks. I’d just get:

  • egg sinkers 1/2 ounce up to 2 ounces
  • size 2 or 3 circle hooks (try to hook fish without barbs)
  • barrel swivels and the little beads to keep your egg sinker from sliding over the swivel
  • popping corks in the event you can catch / purchase live bait

If you’re just going to be bottom fishing (i.e. not throwing artificials) the rod, line weight, etc. aren’t going to make that much of a difference. Same with a cork, rod specs and weight really won’t matter unless you try to do something crazy. If you do get some corks and your reel is spooled with braid, tie an alberto knot to your main line and run a couple of feet of heavy flouro to the cork. Then put the 2-4 feet of lighter test flouro from the cork to your hook. This will do two things for you: it’ll help to prevent the line from getting fouled on the cork and when you get hung up you can usually snap the hook to cork flouro and get your cork back.

Where the equipment specs matter more is when you start throwing artificials. Locating the fish is gonna be more important than the equipment.

I always mash my barbs flat. Easier on the fish and me.

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I don’t know what you fish for in Indiana! But I bet you already have about what you need rod and reel wise if you fish for bass and walleyes . Your best bet is to use carolina rigs like you use bass fishing or bait fishing for cats. Buy yourself a small castnet and watch a youtube video and learn how to use it to catch bait . Good luck!
Learn how to fish the tides. I like starting just before low and fish till high.

Kgearhart, unfortunately I don’t have a boat. I wish I did. I have looked into renting a boat

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