Ten Things I Don't Want for Christmas

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Every year the articles cover the top ten things to get for “the fisherman in your family”. I always read these articles and each of them try to cover the latest and greatest items on the market this year. If you are like me you have read them all and I could not possibly come up with items that you have not read on somebody’s list so I have decided to come up with 10 items that most of us do not want for Christmas this year.

  1. A gift certificate to a seafood restaurant (could there be a bigger slap in the face).

  2. Another fishing hat (I don’t have enough trips to go with all of the hats I have now)

  3. Another filet knife (If I get another knife I may be added to the UN’s Weapons Inspectors list)

  4. Any fishing product with “As Seen on TV” written somewhere on the packaging.

  5. A fishing trip with your crazy brother-in-law (all of us have one)

  6. Any lure that says “Guaranteed to Catch Fish” on the package.

  7. The book titled “Fishing for Dummies” (This might be a bigger slap in the face than the restaurant gift certificate).

  8. A floaty key chain (If you don’t have one, I have a Christmas present for you).

  9. The singing Billy Bass. (No explanation needed)

  10. The singing Billy Bass (definitely worth mentioning twice)

Seriously, there are plenty of great items to buy a fisherman for Christmas and it is not too late to let your family know what you would like to have. Don’t leave it up to chance or you will probably end up with some items to add to my list.

Andy Pickett
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I do miss the old days…